Firewood Facts

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Firewood just dumped in a heap on the ground won't dry and it won't burn well.   Also it should be stacked, covered and have air flow on all sides for at least 6 months to bring the moisture content down to below 20%. Green or fresh cut wood can have a moisture content as high as 60%. To further complicate matters, different stoves have different tolerances to moisture contents of firewood. It therefore makes it extremely difficult to make any guarantees as to how effectively "seasoned" firewood will burn in your particular wood stove or wood boiler. We therefore can only give you accurate information on how long ago the logs were harvested and how long the wood was cut and split for. We can check a sample with a moisture meter in order to give an indication, but without indoor storage facilities or kiln drying, we simply cannot guarantee how our wood will perform when delivered.  We therefore strongly recommend that you take delivery of your firewood 6 or more months prior to use. In the event that these arrangements are not practical, all that we can do is be as honest and forthright as possible in order to help you get a product that will best meet your needs.

Mike Gans

Mike Gans, President

Lynn Gans, Firewood Sales